Estate and Elder Law

WELCOME to Susan P. Preston, Esq.’s new Estate and Elder Law Blog. New laws change estate planning every day!

It’s my fervent hope that this forum will simply and in non-legal language assimilate the fast moving changes in health care, taxes, federal and state benefits to help navigate the maze in revising your Life Plan for the upcoming days.

2015 Brings a new urgency for updating your Life and Estate Plan, for the following reasons, 10,000 US Baby Boomers retire every day, taxing our entitlement systems, health care, and these will directly affect each retiree:

  1. Taxes have risen, many of these new taxes will affect your retirement and health care costs, hence, what is left to leave to your family after you are gone.
  2. Planning becomes more complex, and requires a new vision and, I believe, any estate plan should first provide for your long and healthy life, then when that is secure, then provide the remainder for your loved ones via an estate plan.

I hope you will join me on this information journey!