Probate, Estate and Trust Planning


  • LIFE PLANNING – Sometimes clients believe Estate planning is  just a Will, but really, the best plans provide a roadmap for a vital and exciting life as an older American.Increasingly, this is challenging given the reduced amount of economic benefits available and increasing government regulation. Early planning is advisable.
  • Wills
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Directive
  • Living Will

Commonly called an Estate Plan, our firm prefers to call future planning for our loved ones and ourselves creating a “LIFE PLAN”. Of course, we cannot change the past but have many opportunities to clearly map our financial future and that of those we cherish.

The goals of this plan might include:

CREATIVELY FOCUSING ON OUR CLIENTS OWN NEEDS — GOAL: AN EXCITING AND REWARDING FUTURE — Long term care insurance, living wills, advance health care, power of attorneys, tax avoidance and charitable gifting are some of the issues our clients bring to us. We seek to craft a vibrant and living life plan that you will be excited to execute in the future, and that ensures your life will be lived in the way you choose.

WILLS are generally only one part of that plan and can be very simple or complex depending upon your financial assets and the needs of your children and heirs.

TRUSTS are targeted instruments used to protect our heirs from: ~ Taxes – Federal Estate taxes, New Jersey Estate and Inheritance Taxes, and the newly increased Capital Gains taxes.  Other Trusts can be drafted to protect assets, prevent heirs from overspending, that is,  Spendthrift problems in the case of young and unsophisticated heirs, handicapped or special needs of our heirs, to name just a few goals. Overall goal: Family Wealth Preservation.

We are often called in to lead a team of advisors including financial planner, accountant and insurance agent in creating a creative, unique and exciting future for our clients. Please call us for an appointment at your convenience.